How to Make Budda Brew™ Like a Bull

Making coconut oil infused with cannabis is easy. You take your favorite and most healthy coconut oil from any health food store or pantry- Most grocery stores carry organic, high heat, quality, unrefined, virgin, coconut oil. Grab your favorite flowers and strains from your local friendly dispensary or direct trade farmer, and you are ready to make a concoction that can be used for array of treats; from making “BulletProof” style coffee, to sauteing Alaskan Salmon, to a topical skin cream to treat many ailments.

Today, it is all about our Budda Brew™  recipe. This is High class, High grade, High Coffee.

This recipe will give you energy all day. Using a Sativa is highly recommended. A “lighter oil” meaning strength wise, because looks can be deceiving with oils, will allow you to take advantage of the CBDs and less of the THC high. You want to feel good, not stoned, unless you have nothing to do that needs the type of attention you give work.

If this is for a workout and you have no where to go after, whip out the strong Budda and have a field day. When you combine with your coffee-whew! It is a powerful healthy alternative to redbull with a helpful tool in cannabis for pre, during & post workout aches. You won’t feel too many “aches” with this recipe at all. I ran a 10k with a sprained ankle here that occurred while hiking Mt. Si here in WA and if it weren’t for Budda Brew™, I would not have had such a fun and non-stop, run. I made pretty great time at about 10 minutes a mile but it was just for fun. The Budda Brew™ pre-race worked: I was smiling the whole time.

I would recommend always keeping different levels of Budda on you in different mason jars marked in the fridge with the strain, the strength, and the ingredients in case you added lecithin, or an additional additive, flavor; for instance, mint. It is always good to know what we consume so we know how to change each dose per person and serving. You never know how something reacts with your body and this blog is for beginners. In time, you will be a pro.

Back to the task at hand: How to Make Budda Brew™

You will need the worldly, ‘roasted to order’, fresh Toro Coffee Co., of course!

1420836235278In our recipes we utilize our favorite beans: our in-house. There are other great coffee brands we feature on our blogs- we love giving credit where it is due, but come on, Toro yumminess giving you that vibe that can’t be explained &  can’t be beat. One minute you are quiet and the next minute you are a student of life with a bull’s force.

Brew to your liking with an Aeropress, Chemex, Pour Over etc;


Steam the Budda with your cream- works with all types of creamers. If you don’t have a wand to steam, no fear, you can throw flakes on a warm stove top with the dosage of coco oil you want and warm your Budda creamer. It will probably melt inside your coffee anyway.


Tips: When you leave your oil out it turns liquid at about 76 degrees F, and solid below that temp. Also, make sure to steam clean your wand immediately! The oil “could” get trapped in your steamer, but we have never encountered this problem.

You can make ‘Budda creamer’ for days by letting the oil liquefy, pouring it in a jar and mixing it with your creamer of choice- pre-heat. It may get a little choppy as it cools but you will nonetheless get some medicated flakes in each pour. Leaving your Budda at room temp also works well, especially when it’s totally liquefied.

More to come on how we make our Budda™ along with more tantalizing recipes to keep you lifted and gifted.


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