Double Peruvian Latte, Joint of Blue Dream & a 4:20 Bar

The clock is winding down on another day of hard work. Soon, you’ll be on your way home. Just a couple more hours to muscle through. Yes, happiness is near, reward almost in hand. What do you envision? A colder than ice beer? That bottle of red, smooth and spicy? A straight up double of Johnny Walker Blue?

Not for me. My treasure lies within Mary Jane’s chest.

For most Americans, alcoholic beverages are the norm. Alcohol is “okay-ed” by society and promoted for social events, private affairs & simple every day use. It is ingrained as a normalcy in our society and because of that, it’s ok. Maybe, someone will find it taboo if you out yourself as an alcoholic with drink in hand- but that’s even just a maybe. Regardless, if you choose alcohol to relax, you may do so at dinner, a bar, or at home.

I have learned that for me, alcohol is alright and a slight amount can be relaxing at times, but it is something I would prefer not to consume. If it weren’t so accessible and available, I am sure my interaction would be much less. Slowly, we will break the wall of fear created by a pointless War on Drugs. We will uncover treatments for a wide variety of diseases  such as cancer, epilepsy, PTSD and educate the public on the plant of marijuana. The evolution is underway. While marijuana is classified as a drug, and used recreationally as one, it is also a medicine. She makes one impressive plant.

So how do I muster through? I’d like to walk you through an example of my end of day with a double Peruvian espresso latte, joint of Blue Dream & a 4:20 chocolate bar.

wpid-img_20150207_161318.jpgIt’s normal for me not to be able to function through the remainder of my day without an afternoon cup of coffee. At 1:30 I had a double espresso latte. It was freshly roasted and pulled Peru Argion Villanueva. The taste was slightly earthy, resembling a nut covered in bittersweet chocolate. A hearty body. Note, this is my personal assessment based on what I have learned a couple years in the coffee business. (ie: not specialty coffee strict standards; simply a normal person with knowledge.) The cup woke me back up and allowed me to focus on my final tasks so I could get closer to my reward.

wpid-20150618_1536503.jpg.jpegFinally, I was ready. While done with work, I had a few errands, but needed to unwind from a tense day. I chose to roll a joint of Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid aiding medically in stress & depression, with effects of happiness, euphoria, feeling relaxed, uplifted, creative. According to Leafly’s assesment of Blue Dream “a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.” It’s obvious why Blue Dream makes it in my top 10 favorite strains.

“A mellow pick me up” is a perfect description of this strain. I immediately felt a calm take over and my anxiety slowly subside. I felt at peace in my body and mind and was able to focus on the small tasks to finish my to-do’s of the day. I felt confident.

wpid-20150618_1317212.jpg.jpegMy errands were all in walking distance, and I brought my 4:20 bar (by Evergreen Herbal) with, to take a bite of once I was finished. It takes about 30 minutes for most edibles to kick in (sometimes longer). I was picking up a bite to eat on the way home, so choosing to eat 2 pieces of the 180 mg (medicinal) chocolate right before a meal was the way to go. Through experimentation, I’ve learned that all edibles are best to be followed by a meal. It helps your body consume the medicine and absorb all the components best.

Within 30 minutes, I was over all the stresses of the day, enjoying the comfort of home and a relaxed mind and body. I ate dinner, had dessert and after Dateline, watched a movie. No crazy “stoner stories”, no tales of lazy times, no mind lost.

Also, no drunken mistakes, irrational choices or blackout moments for sure. I even cleaned the kitchen. A simple night produced by the marijuana plant.

I choose the power of the plant to stay lifted and gifted.

Please educate yourself on marijuana as both a medicine and a recreational product.

All photos within are property of Toro Organics.

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